Frank Kelso Author
Thanks for visiting. I'm Frank Kelso. I write action/adventure fiction that includes thrillers, historical fiction, westerns, and short stories. My short stories are available on Amazon’s quick reads. Two of my “shorts” were finalists for the Royal Palm Literary Award from the Florida Writer’s Assn (FWA). I release new “shorts” regularly, so check back often to find what’s new.

My first novel, "A Message to Santa Fe," is scheduled for release in Summer 2015. It’s a 88,000 word (approx 285 pg) work of historical fiction. This tale is set in southwest U.S. as the Civil War begins. The story is a character-driven in a multi-cultural setting of Anglo Texas, Spanish Mexico, and French interference by imposing Maximilian as a Mexican Emperor. Vengeance is the key word to describe the storyline.

The back cover blurb describes the adventure readers will take along with young Mr. Wolfe:
Sent across Texas at the start of the Civil War, Blackthorn Wolfe struggles to reach Santa Fe carrying a crucial message for his godfather's business. The desire to avenge the Comanche's massacre of his missionary family rules his life, but at twenty, other desires soon overrule.

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